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Hey there and welcome to my page!
My name is Nina and I am a professional photographer specialising in fashion, editorial & beauty.

In 2016 I decided to switch from my job as a social worker to achieve a degree in photography.
From then on I was able to not only admire the beautiful work of others but to capture images with my own perception of reality.


For my work I oftentimes need to combine different skills of mine to get the best outcome I strive for. Therefore I often also act as a project planner, location scout, digital retoucher and sometimes as a fashion stylist.

Today I mostly work with designers and agencies throughout the whole process from concept phase to finished product. 


Ausstellung im Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart 2020

Lange Nacht der Museen in
Stuttgart 2019


12/22 Marika Magazine 

09/22 Horizont Fashion & Beauty

09/22 17:23 Magazine 


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